Open Sound System
The Hitchhiker's Guide to OSS 4.1 Internals

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OSS core framework

Initialization and high level files

Global header files

include/uart401.hDefinitions for the MPU-401 UART driver
include/remux.hDefinitions for the audio remux engine
include/eq1.hThis header file contains some coefficients for the 4 band equalizer
include/grc3.hGRC library version 3.1 internal definitions
include/udi.hUSB abstraction structures and functions used by OSS
include/midi_core.hStructure and function definitions for OSS MIDI core
include/oss_exports.hSource file oss-current/kernel/framework/include/ossddk/oss_exports.h
include/ossddk.hSource file oss-current/kernel/framework/include/ossddk/ossddk.h
include/audio_core.hInternal definitions for the OS audio core
include/mixer_core.hMixer specific internal structure and function definitions.
include/midiparser.hDefinitions for the MIDI message parser
include/internal.hDefinitions for internal use by OSS
include/ac97.hDefinitions for the AC97 codec support library
include/oss_config.hThe top level header file for compiling OSS itself.
include/oss_memblk.hOSS memory block allocation and management routines.
include/oss_version.hOSS version ID
include/oss_calls.hPrototypes for various internal routines of OSS.
include/spdif.hDefinitions for S/PDIF (IEC958) control bit and mixer extension manager
include/oss_pci.hDefinitions of various PCI specific constants and functions

Main files

osscore/oss_core_options.cConfiguration options for OSS (osscore.conf)
osscore/oss_core_services.cVarious global services for OSS.
osscore/oss_memblk.cOSS memory block allocation and management routines.

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