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Definitions for the AC97 codec support library


This header file must be included by all low level drivers that support AC97 based devices.

This file is part of Open Sound System.

Copyright (C) 4Front Technologies 1996-2008.

This this source file is released under GPL v2 license (no other versions). See the COPYING file included in the main directory of this source distribution for the license terms and conditions.

typedef int (*ac97_ext_ioctl) (int dev, int audiodev, unsigned int cmd,
			       int arg);
typedef struct
  int is_ok;
  char name[30];
  void *host_parms;
  oss_device_t *osdev;
  ac97_readfunc_t read;
  ac97_writefunc_t write;
  unsigned short ac97_id;	/* Register 0x00 */
  int mixer_dev;

  /* Detected mixer capabilities */
  int mastervol_bits;
  int pcmvol_bits;
  int rearvol_bits;
  int centervol_bits;
  int sidevol_bits;
  int auxvol_bits;
  int enh_bits;			/* number of bits for the 3D enhance */
  int micboost;			/* 20db Mic boost on/off */
  int *levels;
  int recdevs;
  ac97_ext_ioctl overrides[SOUND_MIXER_NRDEVICES];

  int devmask;
  int recmask;
  int var_rate_support;
  int fixed_rate;
  int playrate_support;		/* ac97 2.4 codec */
#define PLAY_2CHAN		0
#define PLAY_4CHAN		1
#define PLAY_6CHAN		2
#define PLAY_8CHAN		3
  int spdifout_support;
#define CS_SPDIFOUT		1	/* Cirrus Logic */
#define AD_SPDIFOUT		2	/* Analog Devices */
#define STAC_SPDIFOUT		3	/* Sigmatel */
#define ALC_SPDIFOUT		4	/* Avance Logic */
#define VIA_SPDIFOUT		5	/* VIA Technologies */
#define CMI_SPDIFOUT		6	/* CMedia */
#define YMF_SPDIFOUT		7	/* Yamaha */
#define CX_SPDIFOUT		8	/* Conexant */
  int spdif_slot;
#define SPDIF_SLOT34		0x00	/*slot3/4 = bits 5/6 = 0 */
#define SPDIF_SLOT78		0x10
#define SPDIF_SLOT69		0x20
#define SPDIF_SLOT1011		0x30
  int spdifin_support;
#define ALC_SPDIFIN		1	/* Avance Logic SPDIF Input */
#define CMI_SPDIFIN		2	/* CMedia SPDIF Input */

  int mixer_ext;
#define ALC650_MIXER_EXT	1
#define AD1980_MIXER_EXT 	2
#define VIA1616_MIXER_EXT	3
#define CMI9739_MIXER_EXT	4
#define CMI9780_MIXER_EXT	5
#define STAC9758_MIXER_EXT	6
#define WM9704_MIXER_EXT	7

  int enh_3d;

From AC97 register 0x00:

0x00=No enhancement 0x01=Analog Devices Phat Stereo 0x02=Creative Stereo Enhancement 0x03=National Semiconductor 3D Stereo Enhancement 0x04=Yamaha Ymersion 0x06=Crystal 3D Stereo Enhancement 0x07=Qsound QXpander 0x08=Spatializer 3D Stereo Enhancement 0x09=SRS 3D Stereo Enhancement 0x0b=AKM 3D Audio 0x0c=Aureal Stereo Enhancement 0x0d=Aztech 3D Audio Enhancement 0x0e=Binaura 3D Audio Enhancement 0x0f=ESS Technology 0x10=Harman International VMAx 0x11=NVidea 3D Stereo Enhancement 0x12=Philips Incredible Sound 0x13=Texas Instruments 3D Stereo Enhancement 0x14=VLSI Technology 3D Stereo Enhancement 0x18=Wolfson Analoque 3D stereo enhancement 0x1a=Sigmatel 3D Stereo enhancement (SS3D)

  int extmixlevels[10];		/* volume controls for Rear/Center/additional chans */
#define CENTER_VOL              0
#define REAR_VOL            	1
#define	SIDE_VOL		2
  mixer_create_controls_t client_mixer_init;

extern int ac97_install (ac97_devc * devc, char *name, ac97_readfunc_t readfn,
			 ac97_writefunc_t writefn, void *hostparms,
			 oss_device_t * osdev);
#define AC97_INVERTED		0x1
#define AC97_FORCE_SENSE	0x2
extern int ac97_install_full (ac97_devc * devc, char *name,
			      ac97_readfunc_t readfn, ac97_writefunc_t writefn,
			      void *hostparms, oss_device_t * osdev, int flags);
extern int ac97_init_ext (int dev, ac97_devc * devc,
			  mixer_create_controls_t func, int nextra);
extern int ac97_varrate (ac97_devc * devc);
extern int ac97_recrate (ac97_devc * devc, int srate);
extern int ac97_playrate (ac97_devc * devc, int srate);
extern void ac97_remove_control (ac97_devc * devc, int mask, int level);
extern void ac97_override_control (ac97_devc * devc, int ctrl,
				   ac97_ext_ioctl func, int level);

/* AC97 V2.2 mixer functions */
extern int ac97_spdifin_ctl (int dev, int ctrl, unsigned int cmd, int value);
extern int ac97_spdifout_ctl (int dev, int ctrl, unsigned int cmd, int value);
extern void ac97_spdif_setup (int dev, int speed, int bits);
extern int ac97_mixext_ctl (int dev, int ctrl, unsigned int cmd, int value);
extern int ac97_mixer_set (ac97_devc * devc, int dev, int value);

/* AC97 V2.2 Mixer extensions */
#define VOL_CENTER		1
#define VOL_REAR		2
#define VOL_SIDE		3
#define CENTER2MIC		4
#define REAR2LINE		5
#define SPREAD			6
#define MICBOOST		7
#define JACKSENSE		8
#define DOWNMIX_LFE		9
#define DOWNMIX_REAR		10

/* SPDIF OUT Mixer Register Definitions */
#define SPDIFOUT_PRO    	2
#define SPDIFOUT_COPY		4
#define SPDIFOUT_CATEGORY     	6
#define SPDIFOUT_RATE		8
#define SPDIFOUT_VBIT		9
#define SPDIFOUT_ADC   		10

/* SPDIF IN Mixer register Definitions */
#define SPDIFIN_ENABLE 		1
#define SPDIFIN_PRO    		2
#define SPDIFIN_AUDIO  		3
#define SPDIFIN_COPY   		4
#define SPDIFIN_MODE   		6
#define SPDIFIN_SOURCE 		9
#define SPDIFIN_CHAN   		10
#define SPDIFIN_RATE   		11
#define SPDIFIN_CLOCK  		12
#define SPDIFIN_SIGNAL 		13
#define SPDIFIN_VBIT   		14
#define SPDIFIN_MON    		15
#define SPDIFIN_LOOP   		16

Copyright (C) 4Front Technologies, 2007. All rights reserved.

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Copyright (C) 4Front Technologies, 2007. All rights reserved.
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