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The Hitchhiker's Guide to OSS 4.1 Internals

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Source file oss-current/kernel/framework/include/ossddk/oss_exports.h


#ifndef _OSS_EXPORTS_H
#define _OSS_EXPORTS_H

This file is part of Open Sound System.

Copyright (C) 4Front Technologies 1996-2008.

This this source file is released under GPL v2 license (no other versions). See the COPYING file included in the main directory of this source distribution for the license terms and conditions.

Driver (bus) types

Note that OSSDDK drivers can only use DRV_PCI or DRV_VIRTUAL. The other bus types will not work properly because support for them is missing from the DDK layer.

#define DRV_UNKNOWN	0
#define DRV_PCI		1
#define DRV_USB		2
#define DRV_VIRTUAL	3
#define DRV_VMIX	4	/* Like DRV_VIRTUAL. Used by the vmix module. */
#define DRV_STREAMS	5
#define DRV_ISA		6
#define DRV_FIREWIRE	7
#define DRV_CLONE	8	/* Clone of some other device */

Device class numbers. Unlike with earlier OSS versions (up to v4.0) the minor number doesn't have any special meaning. Minor numbers will be allocated in the order the device files are initialized. Even the major number doesn't necessaily be the same for all OSS devices. Minor numbers will be just indexes to a table (in os.c) that contains the device class code, instance number, driver call table and things like that. Ideally OSS will use devfs to expose the available devices.

extern int oss_max_audio_devfiles;
extern int oss_max_audio_engines;

#define MAX_SYNTH_DEV	6	// TODO: Remove
#define MAX_AUDIO_DEVFILES 	oss_max_audio_devfiles
#define MAX_AUDIO_ENGINES 	oss_max_audio_engines
#define SYNC_DEVICE_MASK	0xffff

#include "oss_limits.h"

Device file class codes. Note that these numbers don't have any kind of relationship with minor numbers.

#define OSS_DEV_STATUS		0	/* /dev/sndstat */
#define OSS_DEV_VDSP		1	/* /dev/dsp (multiplexer device) */
#define OSS_DEV_VAUDIO		2	/* /dev/audio (multiplexer device) */
#define OSS_DEV_AWFM		3	/* Reserved for historic purposes */
#define OSS_DEV_OSSD		4	/* /dev/ossd - ossd process support */
#define OSS_DEV_AUDIOCTL	5	/* Audioctl device */
#define OSS_DEV_MIXER		6	/* /dev/mixer0 */
#define OSS_DEV_SEQ		7	/* /dev/sequencer */
#define OSS_DEV_MUSIC		8	/* /dev/music AKA /dev/sequencer2 */
#define OSS_DEV_VMIDI		9	/* /dev/midi (multiplexer device) */
#define OSS_DEV_MIDI		10	/* /dev/midi## */
#define OSS_DEV_DEVAUDIO	11	/* /dev/audio# */
#define OSS_DEV_DSP		12	/* /dev/dsp# */
#define OSS_DEV_MISC		13	/* Special purpose device files */
#define OSS_DEV_DSP_ENGINE	14	/* Hidden DSP engines */

extern int oss_max_cdevs;
#define OSS_MAX_CDEVS	oss_max_cdevs

Misc definitions

typedef struct _oss_device_t oss_device_t;

#if defined(linux) && defined(OSS_MAINLINE_BUILD)
#include <stdint.h>


typedef int (*ac97_readfunc_t) (void *, int);
typedef int (*ac97_writefunc_t) (void *, int, int);
typedef struct _ac97_handle_t ac97_handle_t;


typedef struct _mixer_driver_t mixer_driver_t;
typedef struct _mixer_operations_t mixer_operations_t;
typedef int (*mixer_create_controls_t) (int dev);
typedef int (*mixer_ext_fn) (int dev, int ctrl, unsigned int cmd, int value);

extern void oss_audio_delayed_attach (void);

Copyright (C) 4Front Technologies, 2007. All rights reserved.

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Copyright (C) 4Front Technologies, 2007. All rights reserved.
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