Open Sound System
The Hitchhiker's Guide to OSS 4.1 Internals

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OSS Audio core

Kernel level source files for OSS audio core

Audio core structures and functions

adev_flagsAudio device flags
adev_tAudio engine/device descriptor structure
audiodrv_tCall table for low level audio drivers
dmap_tAudio DMA buffer descriptor structure
oss_audio_open_devfileOpen an audio device file
oss_audio_open_engineOpen an audio device file
oss_install_audiodevRegister a new audio engine

Audio core source files

audio/audiocnv.incHelper functions used by audiofmt.c
audio/fltdata3_l.incFilter coefficient tables for GRC3
audio/fltdata2_h.incFilter coefficient tables for GRC3
audio/fltdata4_p.incFilter coefficient tables for GRC3
audio/oss_spdif.cS/PDIF (IEC958) control bit and mixer extension management
audio/grc3code.incLow level macros for GRC3
audio/oss_grc3.cGRC3 Sample Rate Converter
audio/oss_audiofmt.cAudio format conversion routines used by audio.c
audio/grc3inc.incResampling routines for GRC3
audio/oss_audio_core.cAudio core functionality of OSS
audio/fltdata1_m.incFilter coefficient tables for GRC3 sample rate converter
audio/ to and from 8 bit unsigned linear audio conversion tables

Virtual mixer (vmix) source files

The virtual mixer consists of two parts. The actual code is now part of the framework and always loaded. The second parts is the vmix pseudo driver that is used to load the configuration settings from vmix.conf. When the vmix driver is attached it gives control to the vmix framework code.


Virtual mixer loader stub

This driver is used to activate the actual vmix core that is part of the OSS framework.


Remux (virtual multichannel) support library

remux/oss_remux.cMulti channel playback support for devices with multiple stereo engines.

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