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Audio device flags

Audio device flags change the way how OSS audio core handles the devices. Each flag specify some difference from the default behaviour.

ADEV_16BITONLYThe engine can do only 16 bit input/output
ADEV_32BITONLYThe engine can do only 32 bit input/output
ADEV_8BITONLYThe engine can do only 8 bit input/output
ADEV_ATTACH_VMIXAttach virtual mixer to this device
ADEV_AUTOMODEAudio device does continuous auto-init input/output
ADEV_COLDADEV_COLD (reserved for future use)
ADEV_DEFAULTUse the default audio engine flags
ADEV_DISABLE_VIRTUALAudio engine is not compatible with virtual/pseudo drivers
ADEV_DUPLEXAudio device can do single-devicefile full duplex
ADEV_FIXEDRATEAudio device supports only one sampling rate
ADEV_HIDDENAudio engine is hidden from the applications
ADEV_HWMIXAudio engine belongs to a hardware mixing capable device
ADEV_LOOPAudio engine is a loopback device
ADEV_NOCONVERTDisable automatic sample rate and format conversions
ADEV_NOINPUTAudio device is output only (cannot do recording)
ADEV_NOMMAPAudio device doesn't support mmap()
ADEV_NOOUTPUTAudio device is input only (cannot do playback)
ADEV_NOSRCAudio device is not compatible with automatic sample rate conversions
ADEV_NOVIRTUALDo not use this device as a master device for virtual engines (by default)
ADEV_OPENEDAudio engine is currently in use
ADEV_SHADOWAudio engine is a shadow device
ADEV_SPECIALAudio device is reserved for special purposes
ADEV_STEREOONLYAudio device can do only stereo (two channels)
ADEV_VIRTUALAudio device is a virtual one
ADEV_VMIXAudio device does virtual audio mixing

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