Open Sound System
The Hitchhiker's Guide to OSS 4.1 Internals

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Definitions for internal use by OSS


Definitions for private use by the ossctl program. Everything defined in this file is likely to change without notice between OSS versions.

Note that thse ioctl calls are not for public use. They cannot be used by applications that are not part of the official OSS distribution.

This file is part of Open Sound System.

Copyright (C) 4Front Technologies 1996-2008.

This this source file is released under GPL v2 license (no other versions). See the COPYING file included in the main directory of this source distribution for the license terms and conditions.

#ifndef _INTERNAL_H_
#define _INTERNAL_H_

This file defines ioctl codes 200 to 255 in the 'X' block. These codes may be reused for internal purposes by other OSSv4 implementations that don't use this file. Implementations based on the 'stock' OSS code can add their private use ioctl codes in this file. However in such case it's recommended to notify the OSS development community (4Front Technologies) so that the code can be marked as reserved in the official sources.

#define OSS_MAXERR 200
typedef struct
  int nerrors;
  int errors[OSS_MAXERR];
  int error_parms[OSS_MAXERR];
#define BOOTERR_BAD_PCIIRQ				  1
#define BOOTERR_AC97CODEC				  2
#define BOOTERR_IRQSTORM				  3
#define BOOTERR_BIGMEM					  4

extern oss_error_info oss_booterrors;

#if 0
typedef struct
  int mode;			/* OPEN_READ and/or OPEN_WRITE */
  oss_devlist_t devlist;

typedef struct

Private structure for renumbering legacy dsp, mixer and MIDI devices

  int n;
} oss_renumber_t;

Some internal use only ioctl calls ('X', 200-255)

#if 0
#define OSSCTL_GET_REROUTE	__SIOWR('X', 200, oss_reroute_t)
#define OSSCTL_SET_REROUTE	__SIOW ('X', 200, oss_reroute_t)


Application redirection list for audio.c.

typedef struct
  char name[32 + 1];		/* Command name (such as xmms) */
  int mode;			/* OPEN_READ|OPEN_WRITE */
  int dev;			/* "Target" audio device number */
  int open_flags;		/* Open flags to be passed to oss_audio_open_engine */
} app_routing_t;

#define APPLIST_SIZE	64
extern app_routing_t oss_applist[APPLIST_SIZE];
extern int oss_applist_size;

#define OSSCTL_RESET_APPLIST	__SIO  ('X', 201)
#define OSSCTL_ADD_APPLIST	__SIOW ('X', 201, app_routing_t)

Legacy device file numbering calls

#define OSSCTL_RENUM_AUDIODEVS	__SIOW ('X', 202, oss_renumber_t)
#define OSSCTL_RENUM_MIXERDEVS	__SIOW ('X', 203, oss_renumber_t)
#define OSSCTL_RENUM_MIDIDEVS	__SIOW ('X', 204, oss_renumber_t)

vmixctl related ioctl calls

typedef struct
	int masterdev;
	int inputdev;

	int attach_flags;

0x000000xx reserved for #clients to prealloc

#define VMIX_INSTALL_NOPREALLOC			0x00000100
#define VMIX_INSTALL_NOINPUT			0x00000200
#define VMIX_INSTALL_VISIBLE			0x00000400
#define VMIX_INSTALL_MANUAL			0x00000800 /* By vmxctl */
} vmixctl_attach_t;

typedef struct
	int masterdev;
	int rate;
} vmixctl_rate_t;

#define VMIXCTL_ATTACH		__SIOW ('X', 220, vmixctl_attach_t)
#define VMIXCTL_DETACH		__SIOW ('X', 221, vmixctl_attach_t)
#define VMIXCTL_RATE		__SIOW ('X', 222, vmixctl_rate_t)

FreeBSD compatibility ioctl

#define FREEBSD_GETBLKSIZE	__SIOR ('P', 4, int)

#define DFLAG_ALL		0x00000001
#define DFLAG_PROFILE		0x00000002

Time counters

#define DF_IDDLE	0
#define DF_WRITE	1
#define DF_READ		2
#define DF_INTERRUPT	3
#define DF_SLEEPREAD	5
#define DF_SRCWRITE	6
#define DF_SRCREAD	7
#define DF_NRBINS	8


Copyright (C) 4Front Technologies, 2007. All rights reserved.

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Copyright (C) 4Front Technologies, 2007. All rights reserved.
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