Open Sound System
The Hitchhiker's Guide to OSS 4.1 Internals

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Prototypes for various internal routines of OSS.


This file is part of Open Sound System.

Copyright (C) 4Front Technologies 1996-2008.

This this source file is released under GPL v2 license (no other versions). See the COPYING file included in the main directory of this source distribution for the license terms and conditions.


void store_msg (char *msg);
/* Run time debugging stuff (for testing purposes only) */
void oss_do_timing (char *txt);
void oss_do_timing2 (int timing_mask, char *txt);
void timing_set_device (int dev, dmap_t * dmap);
typedef oss_native_word (*oss_timing_timer_func) (void *);
void timing_install_timer (oss_timing_timer_func, void *);
void oss_timing_enter (int bin);
void oss_timing_leave (int bin);
void timing_open (void);
void timing_close (void);

typedef int (*put_status_func_t) (const char *s);
typedef int (*put_status_int_t) (unsigned int val, int radix);
extern void oss_print_license (put_status_func_t put_status,
			       put_status_int_t put_status_int);
extern int oss_license_handle_time (time_t t);

extern void install_sndstat (oss_device_t * osdev);
extern void install_dev_mixer (oss_device_t * osdev);


extern void vmix_core_uninit (void);
extern void vmix_core_init (oss_device_t *osdev);
extern int vmix_attach_audiodev(oss_device_t *osdev, int masterdev, int input_master, unsigned int attach_flags);
extern int vmix_detach_audiodev(int masterdev);
extern int vmix_create_client(void *vmix_mixer);
extern void vmix_change_devnames(void *vmix_mixer, const char *name);
extern int vmix_set_master_rate(int masterdev, int rate);


extern void oss_audio_init (oss_device_t *osdev);
extern void oss_audio_uninit (void);

Internal debugging (oss_mixer_core.c)

extern void oss_timing_printf (char *s, ...);

Copyright (C) 4Front Technologies, 2007. All rights reserved.

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Copyright (C) 4Front Technologies, 2007. All rights reserved.
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