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Definitions for S/PDIF (IEC958) control bit and mixer extension manager


#ifndef SPDIF_H
#define SPDIF_H

This file is part of Open Sound System.

Copyright (C) 4Front Technologies 1996-2008.

This this source file is released under GPL v2 license (no other versions). See the COPYING file included in the main directory of this source distribution for the license terms and conditions.

typedef struct oss_spdif_driver spdif_driver_t;

#define set_cbit(array, byte, bit, v) {array[byte] &= ~(1 << bit);array[byte] |= ((v&1)<<bit);}
#define get_cbit(array, byte, bit) ((array[byte] >> bit)&1)

typedef struct
  int is_ok;
  oss_mutex_t mutex;
  oss_device_t *osdev;

  void *host_devc;
  void *host_portc;
  int flags;
  unsigned int caps;
#define SPDF_IN					0x00000001
#define SPDF_OUT				0x00000002
#define SPDF_ENABLE				0x00000004
#define SPDF_RATECTL				0x00000008
  spdif_driver_t *d;
  oss_digital_control *ctl, hot_ctl, cold_ctl;
  int open_mode;
  int mixer_dev;

  int group;
  int mixer_blocked;
} spdif_devc;

reprogram 'mask' bits

#define REPGM_ALL		0xffffffff
#define REPGM_NOTHING		0x00000000
#define REPGM_RATE		0x00000001
#define REPGM_VBIT		0x00000002
#define REPGM_DENABLE		0x00000004
#define REPGM_AENABLE		0x00000008
#define REPGM_CBIT0		0x00000010
#define REPGM_CBIT1		0x00000020
#define REPGM_CBIT2		0x00000040
#define REPGM_CBIT3		0x00000080
#define REPGM_CBIT4_23		0x00000100
#define REPGM_CBITALL		0x000001f0
#define REPGM_UBITALL		0x00000200
#define REPGM_OUTSEL		0x00000400

#define SPDIF_NOIOCTL		0x12344321	/* Bits of magic */

struct oss_spdif_driver
  int (*reprogram_device) (void *_devc, void *_portc,
			   oss_digital_control * ctl, unsigned int mask);
  int (*get_status) (void *_devc, void *_portc, oss_digital_control * ctl,
		     int rqbits);
  int (*exec_request) (void *_devc, void *_portc, int rq, int param);

extern int oss_spdif_install (spdif_devc * devc, oss_device_t * osdev,
			      spdif_driver_t * d, int driver_size,
			      void *host_devc, void *host_portc,
			      int mixer_dev, int flags, unsigned int caps);
extern void oss_spdif_uninstall (spdif_devc * devc);
extern int oss_spdif_open (spdif_devc * devc, int open_mode);
extern void oss_spdif_close (spdif_devc * devc, int open_mode);
extern void oss_spdif_setrate (spdif_devc * devc, int rate);
extern int oss_spdif_mix_init (spdif_devc * devc);
extern int oss_spdif_ioctl (spdif_devc * devc, int open_mode, signed int cmd,
			    ioctl_arg arg);

oss_digital_control->filler usage

#define pro_mode filler[0]
#define rate_bits filler[1]
#define emphasis_type filler[2]


Copyright (C) 4Front Technologies, 2007. All rights reserved.

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Copyright (C) 4Front Technologies, 2007. All rights reserved.
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