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Configuration options for OSS (osscore.conf)


This file contains various configuration options for the osscore module. They can be set in the osscore.conf configuration file.

Each option variable must also be defined as extern in the proper header file (of the subsystem that uses them) or in the source file that uses them.

This file is part of Open Sound System.

Copyright (C) 4Front Technologies 1996-2008.

This this source file is released under GPL v2 license (no other versions). See the COPYING file included in the main directory of this source distribution for the license terms and conditions.

#include <oss_config.h>


Core settings

Remember to update kernel/drv/osscore/.params when adding, removing or changing the following options. The .params file is used when generating the driver.conf files. Also don't forget to update

For Linux it's also necessary to add a module_param() line to Linux/osscore.c For FreeBSD it's also necessary to add a TUNABLE_INT() line to FreeBSD/osscore.c

int max_intrate = 100;		/* 10 msec minimum interrupt interval */
int src_quality = 3;		/* Sample rate conversion quality (0-5) */
int ac97_amplifier = -1;	/* External amplifier enable for AC97 */
int ac97_recselect = 0;		/* Enables independent L/R ch rec source selection */
int cooked_enable = 1;
int dma_buffsize = 0;		/* Size of the DMA buffer in kbytes (0=use default) */
int flat_device_model = 0;	/* 0=new audio device model, 1=old model */
int detect_trace = 0;		/* Se to 1 if detection tracing is required */
int vmix_disabled = 0;		/* 1=disable virtual mixer, 0=enable */
int vmix_loopdevs = 0;		/* Number of vmix loopback devices for all instances (0 to 2) */
int vmix_no_autoattach = 0;	/* Do not attach vmix devices during boot */
int excl_policy = 0;		/* Allow O_EXCL to occupy soundcard */
int mixer_muted = 0;		/* Set all mixer controls to a low level when OSS modules are loaded */

oss_option_map_t oss_global_options[] = {
  {"max_intrate", &max_intrate},
  {"detect_trace", &detect_trace},
  {"src_quality", &src_quality},
  {"ac97_amplifier", &ac97_amplifier},
  {"ac97_recselect", &ac97_recselect},
  {"cooked_enable", &cooked_enable},
  {"dma_buffsize", &dma_buffsize},
  {"flat_device_model", &flat_device_model},
  {"vmix_disabled", &vmix_disabled},
  {"vmix_loopdevs", &vmix_loopdevs},
  {"vmix_no_autoattach", &vmix_no_autoattach},
  {"excl_policy", &excl_policy},
  {"mixer_muted", &mixer_muted},

Copyright (C) 4Front Technologies, 2007. All rights reserved.

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Copyright (C) 4Front Technologies, 2007. All rights reserved.
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