Open Sound System
The Hitchhiker's Guide to OSS 4.1 Internals

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Structure and function definitions for OSS MIDI core


#ifndef MIDI_CORE_H
#define MIDI_CORE_H


This file contains internal structures used by Open Sound Systems. They will change without any notice between OSS versions. Care must be taken to make sure any software using this header gets properly re-compiled before use.

4Front Technologies (or anybody else) takes no responsibility of damages caused by use of this file.

This file is part of Open Sound System.

Copyright (C) 4Front Technologies 1996-2008.

This this source file is released under GPL v2 license (no other versions). See the COPYING file included in the main directory of this source distribution for the license terms and conditions.


struct midi_input_info
{				/* MIDI input scanner variables */
#define MI_MAX	32
  int m_busy;
  unsigned char m_buf[MI_MAX];
  unsigned char m_prev_status;	/* For running status */
  int m_ptr;
#define MST_INIT			0
#define MST_DATA			1
#define MST_SYSEX			2
  int m_state;
  int m_left;
  int m_f1_flag;		/* MTC Quarter frame message flag */

typedef int (*oss_midi_inputbyte_t) (int dev, unsigned char data);
typedef int (*oss_midi_inputbuf_t) (int dev, unsigned char *data, int len);
typedef int (*oss_midi_outputintr_t) (int dev);

typedef struct _midi_driver
  int (*open) (int dev, int mode, oss_midi_inputbyte_t inputbyte,
	       oss_midi_inputbuf_t inputbuf,
	       oss_midi_outputintr_t outputintr);
  void (*close) (int dev, int mode);
  int (*ioctl) (int dev, unsigned int cmd, ioctl_arg arg);
  int (*outputc) (int dev, unsigned char data);
  int (*bulk_write) (int dev, unsigned char *buf, int len);
  int max_bulk_bytes;		/* Maximum len parameter for the bulk_write() entry point */
  void (*flush_output) (int dev);
  int (*wait_output) (int dev);
  void (*timer_setup) (int dev);
  void (*init_device) (int dev);
} midi_driver_t;

MIDI ports (physical and virtual)

typedef struct midi_queue_t midi_queue_t;

typedef struct _midi_operations
  int dev;			/* MIDI device number */
  char name[64];
  midi_driver_t *d;
  int caps;
  int open_mode;		/* OPEN_READ | OPEN_WRITE */

  int working_mode;		/* See SNDCTL_MIDI_SETMODE */
  int timebase;
  int tempo;
  struct midi_input_info in_info;
  struct coproc_operations *coproc;
  void *devc;
  void *os_id;			/* The device ID (dip) given by the system. */
  int enabled;
  int unloaded;
  int is_killed;
  oss_device_t *osdev;
  oss_device_t *master_osdev;	/* osdev struct of the master device (for virtual drivers) */
  int card_number;
  int port_number;
  oss_devnode_t devnode;
  int real_dev;
  char handle[32];
  unsigned long flags;
#define MFLAG_NOSEQUENCER		0x00000001	/* Device not to be opened by the sequencer driver */
#define MFLAG_VIRTUAL			0x00000002
#define MFLAG_SELFTIMING		0x00000004	/* Generates MTC timing itself */
#define MFLAG_CLIENT			0x00000008	/* Client side virtual device */
#define MFLAG_SERVER			0x00000010	/* Client side virtual device */
#define MFLAG_INTERNAL			0x00000020	/* Internal device */
#define MFLAG_EXTERNAL			0x00000040	/* External device */

#define MFLAG_INPUT			0x00000080
#define MFLAG_OUTPUT			0x00000100

#define MFLAG_OUTINTR			0x00000200	/* Supports output interrupts - no polling needed */
#define MFLAG_MTC			0x00000400	/* Device is MTC/SMPTE capable */
#define MFLAG_QUIET			0x00000800	/* No automatic messages */

  void (*input_callback) (int dev, unsigned char midich);
  void (*event_input) (int dev, unsigned char *data, int len);

  oss_mutex_t mutex;
  oss_wait_queue_t *in_wq, *out_wq;
  timeout_id_t out_timeout;
  pid_t pid;
  int magic;
  char cmd[16];

  int prech_timeout;		/* Wait time for the first input byte */

MTC generator

  int mtc_timebase;
  int mtc_phase;		/* Which part should be sent next */
  long long mtc_t0;
  int mtc_prev_t, mtc_codetype, mtc_current;
  timeout_id_t mtc_timeout_id;

Event queues

  struct midi_queue_t *in_queue, *out_queue;


  int timer_driver;
  int timer_dev;
  int latency;			/* In usecs, -1=unknown */
  int is_timing_master;
} mididev_t, *mididev_p;

MIDI clients (/dev/midi device files)

typedef struct
  int num;			/* Own index in the oss_midi_clients[] table */
  int open_mode;		/* OPEN_READ and/or OPEN_WRITE */
  mididev_p mididev;		/* Pointer to the MIDI device (or NULL) */
} oss_midi_client_t;

extern int num_midi_clients;
extern oss_midi_client_t *oss_midi_clients[MAX_MIDI_CLIENTS];

extern mididev_t **midi_devs;
extern int num_mididevs;

struct oss_timer_driver;
typedef void (*oss_midi_wait_callback_t) (void *arg);

typedef struct
  oss_device_t *osdev;
  oss_mutex_t mutex;
  int driver_dev;
  int timer_dev;
  char *name;			/* Pointer to driver->name */
  int refcount;			/* Number of /dev/midi* devices currently using this timer */
  unsigned long password;	/* Random number given when an instance is created */

  struct oss_timer_driver *d;

  oss_midi_time_t next_tick, prev_tick;
  oss_midi_time_t bookmark_tick;
  oss_uint64_t bookmark_time;
  int tempo, pending_tempo;
  int timebase;
  int run_state;		/* 0=stopped, 1=run */
  oss_uint64_t prev_time, next_time;

  void *devc;
  void *timerc;
  oss_midi_wait_callback_t callback;

Bitmap of MIDI devices linked with this one

  unsigned int midimap[(MAX_MIDI_DEV + 31) / 32];
  oss_uint64_t midi_times[MAX_MIDI_DEV];	/* Next event times in usecs */
  oss_midi_time_t midi_ticks[MAX_MIDI_DEV];
} tdev_t;

typedef struct oss_timer_driver

Driver methods

  int (*create_instance) (int timer_dev, int driver_dev);
  void (*free_instance) (int timer_dev, int driver_dev);
  int (*attach_client) (int timer_dev, int mididev);
  void (*detach_client) (int timer_dev, int mididev);
  int (*ioctl) (int timer_dev, unsigned int cmd, ioctl_arg arg);
  int (*wait) (int timer_dev, unsigned long long time,
	       oss_midi_wait_callback_t callback, void *arg);
  unsigned long long (*get_current_time) (int timer_dev);
  int (*set_source) (int timer_dev, int source);
  int (*set_tempo) (int timer_dev, int tempo);
  int (*set_timebase) (int timer_dev, int timebase);
  int (*start) (int timer_dev, oss_uint64_t tick);
  int (*stop) (int timer_dev);
  int (*cont) (int timer_dev);

Dynamic content

  char name[64];
  int driver_dev;
  oss_device_t *osdev;
  void *devc;
  oss_mutex_t mutex;
  int max_instances;
  int num_instances;
  unsigned int flags;
  int priority;
  int resolution;		/* In usecs */
} oss_timer_driver_t;


extern int oss_install_timer (int version, char *name, oss_timer_driver_t * d, int driver_size, unsigned int flags, int max_instances, int resolution,	/* In usecs */
			      void *devc, oss_device_t * osdev);
extern int oss_timer_create_instance (int driver_dev, mididev_t * mididev);
extern int oss_timer_attach_client (int timer_dev, mididev_t * mididev);
extern void oss_timer_detach_client (int timer_dev, mididev_t * mididev);
extern int oss_timer_set_tempo (int timer_dev, int tempo);
extern int oss_timer_set_timebase (int timer_dev, int timebase);
extern int oss_timer_wait_time (int timer_dev, int midi_dev, int latency,
				oss_midi_time_t time,
				oss_midi_wait_callback_t callback,
				unsigned short options);
extern oss_midi_time_t oss_timer_get_current_time (int timer_dev, int latency,
						   int use_abs);
extern int oss_timer_get_timeout (int timer_dev, int midi_dev);
extern void oss_timer_start (int timer_dev);
extern void oss_timer_stop (int timer_dev);
extern void oss_timer_continue (int timer_dev);
extern int oss_timer_is_running (int timer_dev);

extern oss_timer_driver_t *oss_timer_drivers[MAX_TIMER_DEV];
extern int oss_num_timer_drivers;

extern tdev_t *oss_timer_devs[MAX_TIMER_DEV];
extern int oss_num_timers;

#define MIDI_MARK_OPENED(md, mode) \
{ \
      char *cmd; \
      md->open_mode=mode; \
      if ((cmd = GET_PROCESS_NAME ()) != NULL) \
	{ \
	  strncpy (md->cmd, cmd, sizeof (md->cmd)); \
	  md->cmd [sizeof (md->cmd) - 1] = '\0'; \
	} \
      md->pid = GET_PROCESS_PID (); \

#define MIDI_MARK_CLOSED(md) \
{ \
      memset (md->cmd, 0, sizeof (md->cmd)); \
      md->pid = -1; \
      md->open_mode=0; \

extern void oss_midi_init (oss_device_t * osdev);
extern void oss_midi_uninit (void);
extern void oss_midi_copy_timer (int dev, int source_dev);
extern void midi_mapper_init (oss_device_t * osdev);
extern void midi_mapper_uninit (void);
extern int midi_mapper_autobind (int client_dev, int mode);
extern int oss_midi_ioctl (int dev, struct fileinfo *file,
			   unsigned int cmd, ioctl_arg arg);

/* Interrupt callback functions */
extern int oss_midi_input_byte (int dev, unsigned char data);
extern int oss_midi_input_buf (int dev, unsigned char *data, int len);
extern int oss_midi_output_intr (int dev);

extern int
oss_install_mididev (int version,
		     char *id, char *name,
		     midi_driver_t * d, int driver_size,
		     unsigned int flags, void *devc, oss_device_t * osdev);

extern void install_vmidi (oss_device_t * osdev);

Prototypes for midi_queue.c

extern midi_queue_t *midi_queue_alloc (oss_device_t * osdev,
				       const char *name);
extern void midi_queue_free (midi_queue_t * queue);

extern int midi_queue_alloc_record (midi_queue_t * queue,
				    unsigned char **data, int len,
				    midi_packet_header_t * hdr);
extern int midi_queue_put (midi_queue_t * queue, unsigned char *data, int len,
			   midi_packet_header_t * hdr);
extern int midi_queue_get (midi_queue_t * queue, unsigned char **data,
			   int max_len, midi_packet_header_t ** hdr);
extern int midi_queue_find_buffer (midi_queue_t * queue, unsigned char **data,
				   midi_packet_header_t ** hdr);
extern void midi_queue_remove_chars (midi_queue_t * queue, int len);
extern void midi_queue_removeall (midi_queue_t * queue);
extern void oss_midi_set_defaults (mididev_t * mididev);
extern int midi_queue_isempty (midi_queue_t * queue);
extern int midi_queue_spaceleft (midi_queue_t * queue);
extern void midi_queue_debugging (midi_queue_t * queue);
extern void midi_queue_trace (midi_queue_t * queue);
extern int oss_init_timers (oss_device_t * osdev);
extern int oss_uninit_timers (void);
extern void attach_oss_default_timer (oss_device_t * osdev);
extern void detach_oss_default_timer (void);


Copyright (C) 4Front Technologies, 2007. All rights reserved.

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Copyright (C) 4Front Technologies, 2007. All rights reserved.
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