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OSS 4.x User's Guide

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OSS v4.0 User's Guide

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We have published both HTML and Adobe Acrobed (.PDF) versions of this manual. The .PDF version is recommended if you like to read the whole manual from the beginning to end (which is recommended for all first time readers). The HTML version in turn is recommended in every day use because it's hypertext features make it faster for use as a reference. In addition the HTML version will be automatically kept up to date.

The OSS 4.0 API programming manual is available from our web site .


ossinfoOpen Sound System information/status program
ossmixOpen Sound System command-line mixer program.
osspartyshreverse "telnet" utility for OSs technical support
ossphoneOpen Sound System phone call program.
ossplayOpen Sound System playback program.
ossrecordOpen Sound System recording program.
osstestOpen Sound System audio self test applet.
ossxmixOpen Sound System GTK based GUI mixer program.

Utilities for the administrator

ossdevlinksOpen Sound System legacy device management utility.
savemixerOpen Sound System program for saving and restoring mixer settings.
vmixctlOpen Sound System utility to control the vmix subsystem.

Supported sound hardware lists for various operating systems


OSS device files

dspOpen Sound System audio devices
midiOpen Sound System MIDI devices
mixerOpen Sound System mixer (control panel) device
sndstatOpen Sound System status device

Manual pages for various drivers

lynxoneOSS driver for LynxONE professional audio controller.
lynxtwoOSS driver for LynxTWO family of professional audio devices.
oss_ali5455ALIM5455 audio driver.
oss_atiaudioATI IXP southbridge audio driver.
oss_audigylsCreative Labs CA106 (AudigyLS/SBLive 24bit) driver.
oss_audiocsCirrus Logic CS4231 driver for Sun Sparc Workstations
oss_audioloopLoopback audio driver.
oss_audiopciCreative/Ensoniq Audiopci - ES1370 audio driver.
oss_cmi878xCMedia CMI8788 audio driver.
oss_cmpciCMedia CMI8738/8768 audio driver.
osscoreOpen Sound Sytem core audio framework.
oss_cs4281Cirrus Logic CS4281 driver
oss_cs461xCirrus Logic CS461x/CS4280 audio driver.
oss_digi96RME Digi96 professional audio driver.
oss_emu10k1xCreative Labs P16x (EMU10K1X) driver.
oss_envy24htVIA Envy24HT/PT audio driver.
oss_envy24ICE Envy24 audio device driver.
oss_fmediaForte Media FM801 driver.
oss_geodeNational Semiconductor Geode audio driver.
oss_hdaudioIntel High Definition Audio (AZALIA)
oss_ichIntel ICH/SiS7012/Nvidia/AMD audio device driver.
oss_imuxInput Muplexer audio driver.
oss_madiRME HDSP MADI and AES32 audio driver
oss_midiloopLoopback MIDI driver.
oss_midimixDriver for controlling OSS mixer devices using MIDI messages
oss_sadasupportOpen Sound System to Sun "devaudio" converter driver.
oss_sbliveCreative Labs Sound Blaster Live/Audigy family driver.
oss_sbpciCreative Labs ES1371 audio driver.
oss_sbxfiSoundBlaster X-Fi audio driver
oss_soloESS Solo-1 audio driver
oss_tridentSiS7018, 4Dwave, ALIM5451 audio driver.
oss_usbUSB Audio/MIDI/Mixer driver
oss_userdevOSS client/server audio pseudo device.
oss_via823xOpen Sound System driver for VIA 8233/8235/8237 audio controllers.
oss_via97VIA 82C686 audio driver
oss_ymf7xxYamaha DS-XG audio driver.

Installation and support


Unsorted documents


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