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oss_hdaudio - Intel High Definition Audio (AZALIA)

Open Sound System driver for Intels high definition audio known as
"Azalia". This driver supports Intel 915/925 chipsets with the
Realtek ALC880 and CMedia 9880 8 channel codecs.

The HDA driver supports:


The Intel HDA mixer is a new type of mixer that doesn't have
the normal volume controls found on AC97 or legacy SB devices.
The HDA mixer presents a concept of Jacks and you can configure
any jack to be either an output or an input jack.

Some motherboards may not correctly initialize the jacks according
to their color and functionality but in general here's the
configuration that should generally be followed:

Some Azalia codecs support front panel connectors and so if you see
fp-green and fp-pink connectors, then these are for front panel
speaker and mic/line-in Jacks.

There is a function selector for most of the analog audio jacks (for example This selector is used to control if the jack is used
as an input (microphone or line in) or output (front, rear, side, speaker,


In general Azalia based systems (laptops/motherboards) would require a custom driver to work properly. Due to enormous number of different systems it is not possible to develop such custom drivers for all systems. A generic driver is used for systems that don't have dedicated drivers.

Unfortunately the mixer and control panel interface (see ossmix ) for "generic" systems is very cryptic and difficult to understand. To solve problems with volumes or signal routing you need to start ossxmix and change the controls one at time until you get the desired effect.


NOTE! hdaudio_jacksense=1 works only in some systems.
Many laptops and motherboards don't support jack


CONFIGFILEPATH/oss_hdaudio.conf Device configuration file


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