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ossxmix - Open Sound System GTK based GUI mixer program.


ossxmix [-Sbhx] [-d <dev#>] [-w <value>] [-n <value>]

ossxmix is a GTK+ based mixer applet that is used to display the mixer settings of physical and virtual audio devices. There can be several physical mixers for a single audio device. Mixers found on audio devices are controllers that set the volume, select the input, perform certain functions on the speakers or set various device characteristics.


-hDisplay usage instructions.
-d<dev#>Display only mixer device dev#. If this option is not given then ossxmix will display all the mixers available on the system.
-xHides the "legacy" mixer controls.
-w[value]Make the mixer slightly wider on the screen. This option affects only the selection boxes and peak meter LED bars. In most cases
this option is not required. The value can be between 1 (default)
and 4.
-n[value]Make the mixer slightly narrower than normally. This may be necessary if the mixer is wider than the screen. The value can be
1 (default) or 2.
-bStart in background.
-SDo not try to place an icon in the system tray.



ossdevlinks , ossmix(1), savemixer(1)




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