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oss_sadasupport - Open Sound System to Sun "devaudio" converter driver.

Open Sound System driver Solaris "devaudio" or "SADA" compatibility. This driver is a shim driver between SADA's audio core and amsrc2 (mixer) and the OSS audio core. Currently playback, recording and mixer controls of SADA/devaudio are supported by this driver. This driver essentially translates between SADA audio and OSS audio. It relies on SADA to keep track of complete audio information and then takes that information and translates it into OSS API. This way, OSS drivers can achieve a 99.9% emulation of SADA APIs.


No configuration options defined for the current version.


Mixer volume control (/dev/audioctl) emulation is very limited. It is only possible to change the playback volume. Use native OSS mixers such as ossxmix for volume control and control panel functions.


oss_sadasupport.conf Device configuration file


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