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ossphone - Open Sound System phone call program.


ossphone [ -d devname ] [ -s rate ] [ -t duration ] [ -l duration ] mdmin-dev mdmout-dev [phone-number]

ossphone connects your modem device to your audio device, allowing you to make phone calls using your computer. If a phone number is provided, ossphone will dial it using tone dialing (DTMF).


This utility only works in limited number of Laptops that have si3055 and compatible HDaudio modem chips.


-d<devname> Select <devname> as the audio device (eg -d/dev/dsp2). -s<rate> Select the audio sampling rate (eg -s9600). -t<duration> Select <duration> as the DTMF digit duration in seconds (eg -t0.1).
-l<duration> Select <duration> as the DTMF silence (between digits) duration in seconds (eg -t0.05).


Sending a SIGINT (Ctrl-C in most terminals) will make ossphone end the current phone call by setting the modem device on-hook.




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