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lynxtwo - OSS driver for LynxTWO family of professional audio devices.

Open Sound System driver for LynxTWO/Lynx AES16 family of professional audio controllers.

The LynxTWO driver is based on the same "HAL" code used by the Windows and Mac drivers. For that reason the functionality is practically identical with them. However the interface (API) to applications is 100% pure OSS so practically all OSS compatible applications will work with the driver.


Please consult the User's Guide for Windows/MacOS for more info about this device and it's control panel. Most of this information is valid for OSS too.


Just like in Windows/Mac there are 8 playback device files and 8 recording device files available to the applications. To find out the actual device numbering you need to take a look at the printout produced by "ossinfo -a" command.

The routings between these rcording and playback devices are handled by the on board mixer. Due to size of the mixer there are three OSS mixer devices. You can change the mixer/control panel settings using the ossxmix program included in the OSS package.

The actual device numbering will be different if you have some other audio devices in your system. However by defaut you can access the mixers with:

ossxmix -d0 (Adapter window)
ossxmix -d1 (Record/Play window)
ossxmix -d2 (Outputs window)

Please refer to the LynxTwo Installation and Users Guide (shipped with the card) for more information about the mixer windows. There may be some differences between the Windows/Mac driver and OSS but mostly the information given in this guide is valid for OSS too.




The following features are missing from this LynxTWO driver version. Some of them will be automatically implemented in near future. Some of them will be implemented only if somebody needs them.


lynxtwo.conf Device configuration file


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