Open Sound System
The Hitchhiker's Guide to OSS 4.1 Internals

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Kernel Inside Kernel (KIK) interface

These files contain all the operating system specific code in OSS. All the other kernel code (drivers and core framework functions) are operating system independent. This makes porting OSS to new operating systems relatively easy.

The functions and data structures available for drivers ans other OSS kernel space modules are documented in the OSS core functions available for drivers section of this manual.

FreeBSD operating system

FreeBSD/os_freebsd.hOS specific definitions for FreeBSD
FreeBSD/bsddefs.hDefinitions for routines and variables exported by osscore.c
FreeBSD/os_freebsd.cOperating system abstraction functions for FreeBSD

Files used to build OSS and the drivers during install

FreeBSD/bsdvirtual.incWrapper functions for virtual drivers under FreeBSD
FreeBSD/osscore.cOSS core functions that need to be compiled in the target system
FreeBSD/module.incGeneric OSS driver module interface for FreeBSD
FreeBSD/devid.hSource file os_build/FreeBSD/devid.h
FreeBSD/bsdpci.incWrapper functions for PCI drivers under FreeBSD

Linux 2.6.x operating system

Linux/os_linux.hOS specific definitions for Linux
Linux/wrap.hWrapper routines for Linux kernel services
Linux/os_linux.cOperating system abstraction functions for Linux
Linux/oss_ddi.hSolaris compatible partial DDI interface for OSS/Linux

Files used to build OSS and the drivers during install

Linux/ossdip.hDefinition of the _dev_info_t structure for Linux
Linux/osscore.cLinux kernel version specific wrapper routines.
Linux/pci_wrapper.incPCI wrapper routines for Linux
Linux/module.incTemplate for OSS modules under Linux
Linux/usb_wrapper.incLow level USB wrapper routines for Linux (2.6.x and later)

Solaris and OpenSolaris operating systems

SunOS/udi.cUSB device interface (udi.h) routines for Solaris
SunOS/os_solaris.cOperating system abstraction functions for Solaris
SunOS/os_solaris.hOS specific definitions for Solaris
SunOS/module.incOSS module wrapper for Solaris

Legacy /dev/audio support for Solaris


SCO UnixWare and OpenServer operating systems

SCO_SV/os_sco.hOS specific definitions for SCO OpenServer and SCO UnixWare (DDI8)
SCO_SV/os_sco.cOperating system abstraction functions for SCO OpenServer/UnixWare
SCO_SV/module.incOSS module wrapper for SCO OpenServer/UnixWare

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