Open Sound System
OSS 4.x Programmer's Guide

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Some OSS sample programs

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soundcard.hThe C/C++ header file that defines the OSS API.
osstest.cThe osstest program shipped with OSS
help.cSource file oss-testing/cmd/osstest/help.c
ossinfo.cThe ossinfo program that is included in the OSS package.
ossxmix.cThis is the ossxmix (GTK++ GUI) program shipped with OSS
ossmix.cSources for the ossmix command line mixer shipped with OSS
ossplay_wparser.cFile header write routines for OSSRecord.
ossplay.cSources for the ossplay audio player and for the ossrecord
ossplay_decode.cSample format decode routines for ossplay
ossplay_parser.cFile format parse routines for ossplay
ossplay_console.cConsole output interface functions and related.
ossplay.hSource file oss-testing/cmd/ossplay/ossplay.h
playtgt.cA sample program for play target selection
mixer_applet.cA sample program for developing a simple mixer applet.
fulldup.cFull duplex sample program using the single device approach.
mmap_duplex.cA simple sample program for doing dull duplex using mmap
midiin.cA minimalistic MIDI input programming sample.
mmap_test.cA sample program for using mmap()
singen.cA simple audio playback program that plays continuous 1 kHz sine wave.
midi.cA minimalistic MIDI output programming sample.
audiolevel.cA simple program that does audio recording.
recsrc.cA sample program for recording source selection
mixext.cA simple sample program for using the new mixer API
dsp_geterror_demo.cA simple demonstration of
morse.cSimple audio programming example that plays morse code.
morse3.cYet another morse code program that uses select
morse2.cAnother morse code program that uses select
seltest2.cThis program has been used to verify that the select() call works
iosync.cMeasuring the hardware level latencies.
musicin.cA program that demonstrates MIDI input with /dev/music (obsolete)
sweepdown.cPlays a funny synthetic engine stop sound
multich32.cSource file oss-testing/tutorials/sndkit/tests/multich32.c
sweepup.cA simple program that plays frequency sweep from 10 Hz to fs/2.
multich16.cSource file oss-testing/tutorials/sndkit/tests/multich16.c
ioctl_test.cThis program has been used to verify that some of the ioctl calls work
spdif_in_debug.cA program that prints the S/PDIF receiver status.
synctest.cA program that demonstrates use of syncronization groups.
softsynth_gtk.cA simple software MIDI synthesizer program with GTK GUI.
softsynth.cA simple software MIDI synthesizer program.

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