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The Hitchhiker's Guide to OSS 4.1 Internals

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Internal function oss_disable_device


int oss_disable_device (oss_device_t * osdev);


Under construction.

Referenced by

include/oss_config.hThe top level header file for compiling OSS itself.
oss_hdaudio/oss_hdaudio.cThe High Definition Audio (HDA/Azalia) driver.
oss_cmpci/oss_cmpci.cDriver for CMEDIA CM8738 PCI audio controller.
oss_userdev/oss_userdev.cThis entry point is used to create new userdev instances and to redirect clients to them.
oss_envy24ht/oss_envy24ht.cVIA ENVY24HT chipset driver.
oss_trident/oss_trident.cDriver for Trident 4DWAVE, ALI 5451 and SiS 7918 audio chips
oss_cs4281/oss_cs4281.cDriver for Crystal PCI audio controller.
oss_midimix/oss_midimix.cMIDI mixer pseudo driver
oss_solo/oss_solo.cDriver for ESS Solo PCI audio controller.
oss_sbpci/oss_sbpci.cCreative/Ensoniq AudioPCI97 driver (ES1371/ES1373)
oss_madi/oss_madi.cDriver for RME MADI and AES32 audio interfaces
oss_ymf7xx/oss_ymf7xx.cDriver for Yamaha YMF7xx PCI audio controller.
oss_imux/oss_imux.cPseudo driver for sharing one input device between multiple apps.
oss_via823x/oss_via823x.cDriver for the VIA8233/8235 AC97 audio controller
oss_digi96/oss_digi96.cDriver for RME Digi96 family
oss_fmedia/oss_fmedia.cDriver for FM801 FM801 PCI audio controller.
oss_ich/oss_ich.cDriver for the Intel ICH AC97 audio controller
oss_sblive/oss_sblive.cDriver for Creative SB Live/Audigy/2/4. Audio, MIDI and mixer services.
oss_audiopci/oss_audiopci.cCreative/Ensoniq AudioPCI driver (ES1370 "CONCERT" ASIC and AKM4531 codec/mixer)
oss_audioloop/oss_audioloop.cOSS audio loopback (virtual) driver
oss_emu10k1x/oss_emu10k1x.cDriver for Creative emu10k1x audio controller
oss_cmi878x/oss_cmi878x.cDriver for C-Media CMI8788 PCI audio controller.
oss_audigyls/oss_audigyls.cDriver for Creative Audigy LS audio controller
oss_cs461x/oss_cs461x.cDriver for Crystal cs461x and cs461x PCI audio controllers
oss_midiloop/oss_midiloop.cMIDI loopback driver
oss_geode/oss_geode.cDriver for the NS/Cyrix/AMD Geode AC97 audio controller
osscore/osscore.cOSS core pseudo driver (for Solaris)
oss_via97/oss_via97.cDriver for the VIA VT82C686A AC97 audio controller
oss_ali5455/oss_ali5455.cDriver for the ALI 5455 (AC97) audio controller
oss_usb/oss_usb.cTop level USB audio class initialization and mixer functions
oss_atiaudio/oss_atiaudio.cDriver for the ATI IXP (AC97) audio controller
oss_sbxfi/oss_sbxfi.cDriver for Sound Blaster X-Fi (emu20k)
oss_audiocs/oss_audiocs.cDriver for the UltraSparc workstations using CS4231 codec for audio
oss_envy24/oss_envy24.cDriver for IC Ensemble ENVY24 based audio cards.
Linux/os_linux.cOperating system abstraction functions for Linux
SunOS/os_solaris.cOperating system abstraction functions for Solaris
BeOS/os_beos.cOperating system abstraction functions for BeOS/Haiku
FreeBSD/os_freebsd.cOperating system abstraction functions for FreeBSD
SCO_SV/os_sco.cOperating system abstraction functions for SCO OpenServer/UnixWare
myossdev0/myossdev.cDriver for the ACME Laboratories Evil Audio family of sound cards
Linux/osscore.cLinux kernel version specific wrapper routines.

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