Open Sound System
The Hitchhiker's Guide to OSS 4.1 Internals

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Internal function oss_remove_wait_queue


void oss_remove_wait_queue (oss_wait_queue_t * wq);


Under construction.

Referenced by

midi/oss_midi_core.cMIDI support.
audio/oss_audio_core.cAudio core functionality of OSS
include/oss_config.hThe top level header file for compiling OSS itself.
Linux/wrap.hWrapper routines for Linux kernel services
VxWorks/os_vxworks.cSource file oss-current/kernel/OS/VxWorks/os_vxworks.c
SunOS/os_solaris.cOperating system abstraction functions for Solaris
BeOS/os_beos.cOperating system abstraction functions for BeOS/Haiku
FreeBSD/os_freebsd.cOperating system abstraction functions for FreeBSD
SCO_SV/os_sco.cOperating system abstraction functions for SCO OpenServer/UnixWare
Linux/osscore.cLinux kernel version specific wrapper routines.

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