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Common definitions for envy24ht driver files


This file is part of Open Sound System.

Copyright (C) 4Front Technologies 1996-2008.

This this source file is released under GPL v2 license (no other versions). See the COPYING file included in the main directory of this source distribution for the license terms and conditions.

#include "ac97.h"
#include "midi_core.h"

Various subvendor device ID's

#define SSID_AUREON_SPACE    0x1145153b
#define SSID_AUREON_SKY      0x1147153b
#define SSID_AUREON_UNIVERSE 0x1153153b
#define SSID_PHASE28	     0x1149153b
#define SSID_PRODIGY71	     0x45534933
#define SSID_PRODIGYHD2      0x41543137
#define SSID_PRODIGYHD2_ADE  0x24011412
#define SSID_JULIA	     0x45533031
#define SSID_AP192	     0x36321412

typedef struct
  unsigned int dwSubVendorID;	/* PCI[2C-2F], in BIG ENDIAN format */
  unsigned char bSize;		/* size of EEPROM image in bytes */
  unsigned char bVersion;	/* version equal 1 for this structure. */
  unsigned char bCodecConfig;	/* PCI[60] */
  unsigned char bACLinkConfig;	/* PCI[61] */
  unsigned char bI2SID;		/* PCI[62] */
  unsigned char bSpdifConfig;	/* PCI[63] */
  unsigned char bGPIOInitMask0;	/* Corresponding bits need to be inited */
  /* 0 means write bit and 1 means cannot write */
  unsigned char bGPIOInitState0;	/* Initial state of GPIO pins */
  unsigned char bGPIODirection0;	/* GPIO Direction State */
  unsigned char bGPIOInitMask1;
  unsigned char bGPIOInitState1;
  unsigned char bGPIODirection1;
  unsigned char bGPIOInitMask2;
  unsigned char bGPIOInitState2;
  unsigned char bGPIODirection2;
  unsigned char bAC97RecSrc;
  unsigned char bDACID[4];	/* I2S IDs for DACs [0 ~ 3] */
  unsigned char bADCID[4];	/* I2S IDs for ADCs [0 ~ 3] */
  unsigned char bDACID4;	/* I2S ID  for DAC#4 */
  unsigned char Reserved[32];
} eeprom_data_t;

typedef struct envy24ht_auxdrv envy24ht_auxdrv_t;

typedef struct
  unsigned int svid;
  char *product;
  int nr_outs, nr_ins;		/* # of analog channels */
  int flags;
#define MF_MIDI			0x00000001	/* Has MIDI port */
#define MF_192K			0x00000002	/* Supports 192kHz */
#define MF_SPDIFIN		0x00000004	/* Has S/PDIF input */
#define MF_SPDIFOUT		0x00000008	/* Has S/PDIF output */
#define MF_ENVY24PT		0x00000010	/* Envy24PT chip (no EEPROM) */
#define MF_NOAC97		0x00000020	/* Ignore AC97 codec */
  const envy24ht_auxdrv_t *auxdrv;
  unsigned char *eeprom_data;

#define ICENSEMBLE_ENVY24HT_ID	0x1724
#define MAX_ENVY24HT_CARD 8

extern int options_data;

#define MAX_ODEV 5
#define MAX_IDEV 2

typedef struct
  int dev;
  int open_mode;
  int direction;
  int fmt;
  char *name;

  int channels;
  volatile int is_active;
  volatile int trigger_bits;
  oss_native_word base;
  unsigned char mask;
  int dev_flags;
#define DF_MULTICH		0x00000001
#define DF_SPDIF		0x00000002
#define DF_AC3			0x00000004
#define DF_DUPLEX		0x00000008
  int chmask;
  int used_chmask;

  int state_bits;

typedef struct
  int dta, clk;
} oss_i2c_t;


typedef struct
  oss_device_t *osdev;
  oss_mutex_t mutex;
  oss_mutex_t low_mutex;
  const envy24ht_auxdrv_t *auxdrv;
  int codec_type;
#define CODEC_I2S	0
#define CODEC_AC97	1
  int mpu1_attached, mpu2_attached;
  oss_native_word ccs_base, mt_base;
  int irq;
  card_spec *model_data;
  unsigned int subvendor;
  eeprom_data_t eeprom;
  char channel_names[4][10];
  unsigned short gpio_shadow_L;
  unsigned char gpio_shadow_H;

  oss_i2c_t i2c;

MT mixer

  int mixer_dev;
  ac97_devc ac97devc;

  int nr_outdevs, nr_indevs;
  envy24ht_portc play_portc[MAX_ODEV];
  envy24ht_portc rec_portc[MAX_IDEV];

  int outportmask, inportmask;
  int nr_play_channels, nr_rec_channels;
  int first_dev;

  int open_count;
  int speed, pending_speed, pending_speed_sel, speedbits, configured_rate_sel;
  int prev_speed;		/* Strictly for use by low level modules */
  int max_ratesel;
  int syncsource;

  int use_src;
  int ratelock;
  int external_sync;
  int busy_play_channels;
  int busy_rec_channels;

  spdif_devc spdc;
  int gains[6];
  int monitor[5];
  int recsrc;


  int midi_opened;
  int midi_attached;
  oss_midi_inputbyte_t midi_input_intr;
  oss_midi_outputintr_t midi_output_intr;
  volatile unsigned char input_byte;
  int midi_dev;

Low level stuff

  unsigned char dac1val[5], dac2val[11];	/* M Audio Revo 7.1 */
  unsigned short m_AC97Volume[6];	/* Terratec Aureon */
  unsigned char m_fAC97Mute[6];	/* Terratec Aureon */
  int m_DigInSource;		/* Aureon */
  int m_LineInSource;		/* Aureon */
  int m_SPDIFSource;		/* Aureon */
  int m_ADCIndex;		/* Aureon */
  int m_f1724SPDIF;		/* Aureon */
  int m_SPDIFConfig;		/* Aureon */
  int m_Frontjack;		/* Aureon */
  unsigned char m_fDACMute[12];	/* Aureon */
  unsigned char m_DACVolume[13];	/* Aureon & Juli@ */
  unsigned short m_ADCVolume[8];	/* Aureon */
  unsigned char m_ADCMux;	/* Aureon */
  unsigned char m_fSPDIFRecord;	/* Aureon */
  unsigned char m_AuxMux;	/* Aureon */
  unsigned int m_ClockSource;	/* Aureon */
  unsigned int m_Out0Source;	/* Aureon */

  int mute;
  int reclevel;
  timeout_id_t timeout_id;	/* Juli@ */

  unsigned char syncstart_mask;

struct envy24ht_auxdrv
  void (*card_init) (envy24ht_devc * devc);
  int (*mixer_init) (envy24ht_devc * devc, int dev, int group);
  void (*set_rate) (envy24ht_devc * devc);
  int (*get_locked_status) (envy24ht_devc * devc);
  int (*spdif_mixer_init) (envy24ht_devc * devc, int dev, int group);
  int (*private1) (envy24ht_devc * devc, int value);
  int (*audio_ioctl) (envy24ht_devc * devc, envy24ht_portc * portc, int cmd,
		      int *arg);
  void (*card_uninit) (envy24ht_devc * devc);

struct speed_sel
  int speed, speedbits;

void envy24ht_write_cci (envy24ht_devc * devc, int pos, int data);
int envy24ht_read_cci (envy24ht_devc * devc, int pos);

Copyright (C) 4Front Technologies, 2007. All rights reserved.

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Copyright (C) 4Front Technologies, 2007. All rights reserved.
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