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Common definitions for the Envy24 driver


This file is part of Open Sound System.

Copyright (C) 4Front Technologies 1996-2008.

This this source file is released under GPL v2 license (no other versions). See the COPYING file included in the main directory of this source distribution for the license terms and conditions.

#include "uart401.h"

#define DEV_BUFSIZE		(64*1024)	/* Buffer size per channel */

#define HW_PLAYBUFFSIZE	(10*2048)
#define HW_RECBUFFSIZE	(12*2048)
#define HW_ALLOCSIZE	(24*1024)	/* Must be bigger or equal than HW_PLAYBUFFSIZE and HW_RECBUFFSIZE */

typedef struct envy24_auxdrv envy24_auxdrv_t;

typedef struct
  unsigned int svid;
  char *product;
  int nr_outs, nr_ins;		/* # of analog channels */
  int flags;
#define MF_MAUDIO		0x00000001	/* Made by M Audio */
#define MF_MIDI1		0x00000002	/* Has MIDI 1 port */
#define MF_SPDIF		0x00000004	/* Has S/PDIF */
#define MF_AKMCODEC		0x00000008	/* Has AKM codecs */
#define MF_WCLOCK		0x00000010	/* Has World clock input */
#define MF_SPDSELECT		0x00000020	/* Optical+coax S/PDIF */
#define MF_EWS88		0x00000040	/* Terratec EWS88MT */
#define MF_AP			0x00000080	/* M Audio Audiophile family */
#define MF_MIDI2		0x00000100	/* Has MIDI 2 port */
#define MF_EWX2496		0x00000200	/* Terratec EWX 24/96 */
#define MF_CONSUMER		0x00000400	/* Force consumer AC97 codec detection */
#define MF_HOONTECH		0x00000800
#define MF_D410			0x00001000	/* Delta 410 */
#define MF_MEEPROM		0x00002000	/* M Audio EEPROM interface */
#define MF_AC97			0x00004000	/* Consumer AC97 codec */
  envy24_auxdrv_t *auxdrv;
  unsigned char *eeprom_data;

#define ICENSEMBLE_ENVY24_ID	0x1712

#define AKM_A 0x40
#define AKM_B 0x80

extern int options_data;

#define MAX_ODEV 10
#define MAX_IDEV 12

#ifdef DO_RIAA
typedef struct
  int32_t x1, x2, x3;
  int32_t y1, y2, y3;

typedef struct
  int flags;
#define PORTC_SPDOUT	0x00000001
#define PORTC_SPDIN	0x00000002
  int dev;
  int chnum;
  int direction;
  int open_mode;

  char name[16];

  int bits, channels;
  volatile int is_active;
  volatile int trigger_bits;
  int pcm_qlen;
  int riaa_filter;
#ifdef DO_RIAA
  riaa_t riaa_parms[12];

Hoontech specific structure

typedef union
    unsigned int box:2;
    unsigned int darear:1;
    unsigned int id0:2;
    unsigned int clock0:1;
    unsigned int res0:2;

    unsigned int ch1:1;
    unsigned int ch2:1;
    unsigned int ch3:1;
    unsigned int id1:2;
    unsigned int clock1:1;
    unsigned int res1:2;

    unsigned int ch4:1;
    unsigned int midiin:1;
    unsigned int midi1:1;
    unsigned int id2:2;
    unsigned int clock2:1;
    unsigned int res2:2;

    unsigned int midi2:1;
    unsigned int mute:1;
    unsigned int insel:1;
    unsigned int id3:2;
    unsigned int clock3:1;
    unsigned int res3:2;

    unsigned int b0:8;
    unsigned int b1:8;
    unsigned int b2:8;
    unsigned int b3:8;

  unsigned int dwVal;


#define _adsp devc->adsp

typedef struct envy24d_portc
  int audio_dev;
  int open_mode;
  int channels;
  int direction;
  int trigger_bits;

typedef struct
  oss_device_t *osdev;
  oss_mutex_t mutex;
  int mpu1_attached, mpu2_attached;
  oss_native_word ccs_base, mt_base;
  int irq;
  card_spec *model_data;
  envy24_auxdrv_t *auxdrv;
  int skipdevs;			/* envy24_skipdevs option */

  unsigned char eeprom[32];

MT mixer

  int mixer_dev;

Consumer (AC97) mixer

  ac97_devc ac97devc;
  int consumer_mixer_dev;
  int consumer_ac97_present;

  int nr_outdevs, nr_indevs;
  int curr_outch, curr_inch;
  int inportmask, outportmask;
  envy24_portc play_portc[MAX_ODEV];
  envy24_portc rec_portc[MAX_IDEV];
  envy24d_portc direct_portc_in, direct_portc_out;
  int direct_audio_opened;

  int rec_bufsize, play_bufsize;

  unsigned char *playbuf, *recbuf;
  int playbuffsize, recbuffsize;
  oss_native_word playbuf_phys, recbuf_phys;
  oss_dma_handle_t playbuf_dma_handle, recbuf_dma_handle;
  int hw_rfragsize, hw_pfragsize, hw_fragsamples, hw_nfrags;
  volatile int hw_playfrag, hw_recfrag;
  volatile int active_inputs, active_outputs;
  volatile int open_inputs, open_outputs;
  volatile int playback_started, recording_started;
  volatile int playback_prepared, recording_prepared;
  int speed, pending_speed_sel, speedbits;
  int syncsource;
  int gpio_tmp;
#define SYNC_INTERNAL 	0
#define SYNC_SPDIF		1
#define SYNC_WCLOCK		2

  int play_channel_mask, rec_channel_mask;
  int nr_play_channels, nr_rec_channels;
  int writeahead;

  int use_src;
  int ratelock;

/* Spdif parameters */
  int spdif_pro_mode;
  unsigned char spdif_cbits[24];
  int sync_locked;
  int ac3_mode;

  short akm_gains[0xff];
  ADSP adsp;			/* Hoontech only */
  uart401_devc uart401devc1;
  uart401_devc uart401devc2;

  int first_dev;

struct envy24_auxdrv
  void (*card_init) (envy24_devc * devc);
  int (*mixer_init) (envy24_devc * devc, int dev, int group);
  void (*spdif_init) (envy24_devc * devc);
  void (*spdif_set) (envy24_devc * devc, int ctrl0);
  int (*spdif_ioctl) (envy24_devc * devc, int dev, unsigned int cmd,
		      ioctl_arg arg);
  int (*spdif_read_reg) (envy24_devc * devc, int reg);
  void (*spdif_write_reg) (envy24_devc * devc, int reg, int val);
  void (*set_rate) (envy24_devc * devc);
  int (*get_locked_status) (envy24_devc * devc);
  int (*spdif_mixer_init) (envy24_devc * devc, int dev, int group);
  void (*card_uninit) (envy24_devc * devc);

struct speed_sel
  int speed, speedbits;

/* extern struct speed_sel speed_tab[]; */

void envy24d_install (envy24_devc * devc);
void envy24d_playintr (envy24_devc * devc);
void envy24d_recintr (envy24_devc * devc);
void envy24_prepare_play_engine (envy24_devc * devc);
void envy24_launch_play_engine (envy24_devc * devc);
void envy24_stop_playback (envy24_devc * devc);
void envy24_start_recording (envy24_devc * devc);
void envy24_launch_recording (envy24_devc * devc);
void envy24_stop_recording (envy24_devc * devc);

void envy24_write_cci (envy24_devc * devc, int pos, int data);
int envy24_read_cci (envy24_devc * devc, int pos);
extern int cs8427_spdif_ioctl (envy24_devc * devc, int dev, unsigned int cmd,
			       ioctl_arg arg);
extern void init_cs8427_spdif (envy24_devc * devc);
extern int cs8427_spdif_mixer_init (envy24_devc * devc, int dev, int group);
void WriteGPIObit (envy24_devc * devc, int sel, int what);
int ReadGPIObit (envy24_devc * devc, int sel);
void write_cs8427_spdif (envy24_devc * devc, int d);
extern void envy24_set_enum_mask (int dev, int ctl, oss_native_word mask);

Copyright (C) 4Front Technologies, 2007. All rights reserved.

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Copyright (C) 4Front Technologies, 2007. All rights reserved.
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