Limitations of the SB X-Fi driver of OSS

The current SB X-Fi driver included in Open Sound System is based on a simple MS-DOS based manufacturing test program developed for the card. This program provided very limited number of features. For this reason the OSS driver is also limited to just one playback and recording device that operate at fixed sampling rate (other rates are implemented in software).

In addition at least the follwing limitations are known:

  • There are dozens of different SB X-Fi models. Only few of them are recognized by the driver. The others (including the PCI-E models) are not known by the driver and it's very unlikely that they will work.
  • Even the recognized models may fail in some systems.
  • For the above reasons the SB X-Fi driver of OSS is provided as-is. It doesn't have any kind of warranty. No technical support is available from 4Front Technologies. We have no plans to do any further development on the driver. However it might be possible that in the future some volunteers contribute a better SB X-Fi driver to Open Sound System.