Open Sound System
Supported Devices

Sound devices supported by OSS

The list of supported sound devices depend on the operating system and processor architecture. Below are the device lists for all plattforms supported by OSS.

High Definition Audio (HDA) codecs are not listed in the device lists. At this moment OSS supports all HDA codec chips and controller chipsets.

Notice! OSS v4.0 doesn't have any MIDI support. Even some MIDI capable devices are listed in the device lists they will not be usable before OSS 4.1.

There is no support for FireWire audio. There are no plans to support these devices at this moment.

Please note that the open source version of OSS does not support all devices supported by the retail version. Devices supported only by the retail version are listed below the devices supported by both OSS versions.

Updated Oct 25 2009 for OSS v4.2 (build 2001)

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