Open Sound System
OSS 4.x Programmer's Guide

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Getting information about devices

OSS_GETVERSIONReturns the OSS API version number of current system
SNDCTL_AUDIOINFOReturn information about an audio device
SNDCTL_CARDINFOReturns information about a sound card or pseudo device
SNDCTL_GETLABELReturns label assigned to this device
SNDCTL_GETSONGReturns the current song name (if given) related with this device
SNDCTL_MIDIINFOReturns information about a MIDI device
SNDCTL_MIXERINFOReturns information about a mixer device
SNDCTL_SETLABELSets the label for this device
SNDCTL_SETNAMESets the name of this device (if changeable)
SNDCTL_SETSONGSets the song name related with this device.
SNDCTL_SYSINFOReturn information about OSS and the devices

See also the Application assigned metadata section for infoamation about the tag strings feature.

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