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AFMT_S16_BE sample format

16 bit signed big endian sample format


This format is similar to the AFMT_S16_LE format but with different endianess. In some systems this format is supported by the hardware (not in the x86 PC architecture). However it equals to the native 16 bit integer (signed short in C/C++) in most RISC architectures. In general this format should not be used. AFMT_S16_LE is the industry standard format that is used in 16 bit audio files. OTOH AFMT_S16_NE is the native 16 bit integer (signed short) architecture regardless of the endianess of the processor architecture. Please see the Handling endianess of samples section for more information about handling different endianess.

The AFMT_S16_BE formatted data stream should be handled as an array of bytes. Each 16 bit big endian sample requires two byte positions. The first byte stores the upper 8 bits and the second the least significant byte.

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